Kelly holding 1st place plaque for "Tread Softly" at the 
DBC party at RWA's national conference  in Reno, NV

Kelly Ann Riley
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Six year-old Kelly Ann Riley couldn’t wait until she got into the 
first grade, so she could learn to read.  The introduction of
Dick, Jane, Sally and Spot in those early readers started a
love affair with books that has lasted her entire life.  She
started penning stories at an early age and received
recognition for her short stories in eight grade and later
became a writer and the editor for her high school newspaper.

Born in southern California, Kelly Ann also spent
time growing up and going to school in northern California,  
near Boston, Massachusetts, and Dayton, Ohio.  For ninth
grade she spent a year on a farm and cattle ranch in Alberta,
Canada and attended a two room school on the prairie. 
Summers were spent in California where she explored the
 beaches, mountains and deserts, and eventually attended
college; where she studied nutrition to become a Registered
Dietitian and then earned a Masters in Business
Administration.  While attending school and working as
a dietitian, she continued to travel around the United States
and took a trip to Europe with her future husband, Rick.
Her many adventures and travels have provided interesting settings and research for her novels.  Kelly Ann's experience as a firefighter in a small town in the San Bernardino Mountains is the basis of the story for firefighter Kitty McGuire’s adventure in “Firestorm" (previously known as "Kitty's Fire").  The year spent on the Alberta farm and cattle ranch and her love of horses led to Chase Montgomery’s story in “A Cowboy’s Guardian," a project she is currently working on.  Experiences involving quilting, exploring seashores and her love of libraries have been interwoven in the Guidepost Mystery Series she has worked on.        

Kelly Ann is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America, as well as the RWA chapters of Faith, Hope and Love and Kiss of Death (RWA’s Mystery/Suspense chapter).   As Co-coordinator of the Published Daphne du Maurier Award Contest for many years, she helped initiate the addition of an inspirational category to award excellence in inspirational mystery/suspense books.   She also has helped coordinate the Touched By Love Award contest sponsored by RWA's Faith, Hope and Love Chapter.

Kelly Ann now lives in Alabama where she writes her novels and  enjoys many adventures as a youth leader in her church, wife to an engineer and mother to two wonderful children.
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