Kelly's Contemporary Novels

Kelly Ann Riley
This is a list of my  contracted books that have been published or are in the process of being completed.
New Release by Guideposts

This is a reissue of The Christmas Quilt from Guideposts' Patchwork Mysteries series and is now available in a fun three holiday book set with mysteries from other wonderful Guidepost series. It is also available singularly as an ebook. Happy Holidays!

Merry Mysteries Set-


Other Guideposts Books by Kelly Ann Riley:

Patchwork Mysteries: (available in the book club series)

Secrets of Blue Hill Library series (writing as Emily Thomas)

 (Available through the book club)

Cracking the Code (Book #11) 

Available on 

Book #19  "For The Birds"

Available at

Secrets of Mary's Bookshop:

Secrets of Mary's Bookshop #21 
Available at
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